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City of Susanville - System Upgrade

    The City of Susanville has an existing control system that proprietary. This equipment is starting to come to the end of its life cycle as well. When the City goes to the Vendor for new equipment the price is over inflated, but to be compatible with their existing equipment they must pay the asking price. The City could not afford to replace the whole system outright in one shot.

   Sunrise has designed a natural gas system and improvements to the water system for the City. We told them we could possibly help them with their problem. We took parts of their existing equipment and preformed some bench top trials to see what would be done. We discovered that the equipment could be reconfigured to ‘talk’ Modus instead of the proprietary protocol it was using. This would now allow other equipment to be used within the system.

   Its Sunrise’s philosophy that we want to retain clients based on our service and innovative ideas, not because they are locked into using us because we are the only ones who can service them.

   The City was also tried of paying the month connection costs associated with the lease lines they have to every site. The new sites added have been installed with a VHF radio connection back to the Master Unit.

   Another problem facing the City was that the coding language used in the equipment was too cryptic and difficult for most integrators to be interested in working with it. But the City’s system was growing and how the system now needed to work was different. We installed a new Master Controller (SCADAPack 32P) that had enough communications ports to talk to both the lease line site as well as the newer radio polled sites. It spoke Modbus and used standard Ladder Logic programming as well as the new IEC Suite of standard programming languages. Now any integrator could come in and change the system as the city desired. We rewrote the control code in this new Master Unit and turned the proprietary equipment into basically remote I/O. The master unit would do all the thinking and receive status and transmit outputs to the remote units. As the older equipment fails new non-proprietary equipment will be installed and pertinent processing given back to the remote site.


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 City of Susanville - Natural Gas Monitoring

    Project Description:  I am constantly adding  new material as I have time and can find pictures of past projects. I just haven't done this one yet.

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City of Susanville - College Well Addition

    Future Project.



City of Susanville - Cady Springs Addition

    Designed and built but not installed. Waiting for contractor to build the building.