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Herriman SCADA System - Booster Station

    I worked directly with the client to educate them on what was available. We settled on an MDS iNET 900 Ethernet radio network, SCADAPack PLC’s and a Panel Mount PC at the Booster Station with G.E. Proficy HMI - iFIX and Historian installed. I also installed a remote node at the City Building.

    The radio network was designed to link their booster station, a remote tank and the city building. I designed the system to be able to expand to incorporate their other wells and any new ones they were planning to drill. I ran into problem when trying to connect the booster station with the remote tank. The distance between the tank and the booster station was not that great but there was a hill between them. I did a Radio Site Survey using 900MHz radio and was able to ‘bend’ the radio signal around the hill, but I did not use the iNET to perform the test. The signal was not strong enough for the iNET to get a link and be able to transfer at the needed data rate. We ended up having to put in a UHF link between the Booster Station and the Tank. I learned that just because one radio with work doesn’t mean they all will. Only use the proposed radio to perform Radio Site Surveys.

    The client wanted ‘impressive’ screens. So I created a drawing of their Booster Station in AutoCAD using 3D, rendered it and exported the view to a Bitmap. I then imported the picture into iFIX and placed my controls over and under the picture. If you were to click the pump itself it would pop-up a Hand-Off-Auto switch like you would see in the field. These screens are impressive but I would not recommend this detailed of a screen for most HMI screens. The client wanted to accessed the HMI computer via Remote Desktop and it took a considerable amount time for the screens to transfer across the radio network. If this had been a hardwired network verse the radio the speeds would have been fine.

    I has also part of the Electrical Design of the Booster Station. I also had to inspect the electrical installation.

Booster Station (.jpg 250k)

Tank Setup (.jpg 111k)

Trending (.jpg 93k)

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Herriman SCADA System - Hamilton Well

  Herriman added a well site to the project about half way through completion of the Booster Station. The Well screen was also done in 3D. I added additional code at the master site to poll this new site. I also designed the RTU for this site and oversaw its installation. I performed a coordinated start-up with other vendors.

Wells (.jpg 98k)