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Risun Technologies Network Infrastructure

    Risun grew to the point that it could use its own building. I was to design the infrastructure of all the communications systems. I was also given the task to see that when it came time to move the communications systems that the transition went smoothly.
    Having had to maintain our old system I was determined to make things simpler thus making them easier to maintain. I also designed the system to make future expansions easier. One way I simplified things was to have patch cords to connect the phone system extensions to the physical wall jacks. This made it easy for an employee to move offices and change their own wiring if needed. If a modem line was needed an individual could patch one to their area on an as needed basis. Jacks and wires are color coded for ease. Blue - LAN, Yellow - Phone, Green - Other.
    I created the drawings (Sheet 1 & Sheet 2), wrote the specification and choose the contacted. I also maintained a detail drawing of the phone system to be used to help future revisions to the system.
    The design also included the ability to just 'plug' the systems into the new wiring, We were able to have the local LAN, Internet and Phone systems completely moved and running in four hours. It took longer to move the people than to move the equipment. Some photos of the rack system (Photo 1 & Photo 2).

Design Sheet 1 (.pdf)

Design Sheet 2 (.pdf)

Phone Board Layout (.pdf)

Photo 1 (.jpg 26k)

Photo 2 (.jpg 84k)