Northwest Water Resource Center



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Northwest Water Resource Center

    The City of Las Vegas built a new facility called Northwest Water Resource Center. Its function was to treat sewage and pump the treated water to golf courses.
The challenge for me was to learn a new HMI software package USDATA/FactoryLink. Due to schedule constraints I had to program the HMI entirely in the field keeping one step in front of check-out. The client also had their own graphic symbols standards that needed to be used. I configured the HMI to acquire data from all hardware and create screen to display data from our all supplied equipment including those supplied by others. Here are some pictures of screens I developed: Influent Pump Station, IPS Setup, RAS Pumps #1 & Odor Control Scrubber #1.
    The communications were my responsibility to setup and get working. We used Ethernet over fiber optics. We connected seven Modicon Quantum PLC's, five additional vendor supplies Quantum's and nine Modbus to Ethernet Bridges to connect the dozen Square D VFD's and six GE PowerEdge power monitoring hardware.

Influent Pump Station (.jpg 149k)

IPS Setup (.jpg 99k)

RAS Pumps #1 (.jpg)

Odor Control Scrubber #1 (.jpg)