Pioneer Chemical Caustic Cooler



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Pioneer Chemical Caustic Cooler

    With my electrical CAD and design background I was called upon to find an acceptable route for the electrical cable tray through a very busy and complex tank structure while it was still in the design phase. In addition to finding the route I needed to create an Electrical Cable Plan, Bill of Materials and coordinate with both the structural and piping engineers.
Looking at the task I decided that I needed to see the problem in 3D. The piping was already drawing in 3D but the structural elements were not. I placed structural parts in their correct location and elevation, overlay-ed the piping and was able to find a route that would balance both the cost of cable tray and the cost of conduit runs. I drew the tray in 3D using AutoCAD 2002 to make sure it would fit and gave it to the piping engineer to overlay on his drawing to eliminate future interferences if there were any future piping changes. I worked with the structural engineer to modify structural pipe support drawings to support the new cable tray before they were sent to the fabrication shop.
    I created the Electrical Cable Plan by flattening the 3D drawing to 2D. Since I had the cable tray in 3D I used it to create a tray detail with the Bill of Materials on an Electrical Details Sheet. Photo2 & Photo3 show the finished product.

Tank Structure (.jpg 170k)

3D (.jpg 300k)

Electrical Cable Plan (.pdf 128k)

Electrical Details Sheet (.pdf 78k)

Photo 2 (.jpg 135k)

Photo 3 (.jpg 136k)