Ogden City PAC



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Ogden City Powder Activated Carbon System (PAC)

    This was an existing job that I took over when I started at Sunrise. The old powder activated carbon system was dirty and unreliable. Sunrise had designed them a new system that had pumps instead of the open rotary feeders. I selected the Allen Bradley MircoLogix 1500 because it as compatible the SLC 500 PLC they had in the rest of the plant while still being cost effective. They did not want the new PAC system tied into their existing system, they felt that it would cost too much and they were thinking about upgrading the whole system anyway.

    I programmed the PLC and the PanelView (to replace all the switches and lights) to running the system based on dosage rates. I also programmed the system to flush the pipes with water after use to keep them from plugging with carbon like they did with the old system. The PAC system only runs when the plant has a taste and odor event, but it works great when they need it.

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