Peoria Job Site




The Greenway Water Treatment Plant in Peoria, Arizona is where I have sent my time in the last month.

  The Control Room with Mondi.  The Nerve Center.  I can control the entire plant from my computer screen.  You can just feel the power can't you.


One the Filters. This plant is a little different in that it doesn't have any backwash pumps.  A backwash is done by raising the level in the Filter Effluent Channel causing water to flow backwards through the filter.

It worked but I would like to have been able to see the results long term to see if it cleaned the filter as effectively as a backwash pump.


Filter Gallery. The piping that makes it all happen.


Ozone Generator.  Ozone is something like 100 times more powerful that Chlorine for disinfection but has a very low life-time.  Chlorine is added later for the long term effect.


Me and My Hat


Screen Shots of Computer Control System.